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Frequently Asked Questions

Bush Explorers provides free shipping to destinations in Australia.

Shipping Fees will apply for destinations outside Australia. Michael can provide a quote for shipping outside Australia.

Bush Explorer books are comprehensive guides to the areas they cover, containing lots of information on walks, history, geology, flora and fauna. 

Bush Explorer books can be used to plan walks using the track notes in the books.  The information in the books can also be used to plan new walks.

Even if you are not a Bushwalker the Bush Explorer books are a valuable resource and a guide to whats out there. 

Bush Explorers accepts secure payment for Books and DVDs through PayPal.

While Books and DVDs may still be purchased by Direct Deposit, the quickest and easiest method to buy books is through PayPal.

All books listed on the Bush Explorers Web Site can be purchased directly from the Authors.

The books can also be purchased from selected retailers.

The Bush Explorers website has been designed to work with modern Browser software running on PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones.

The website has been tested on Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer 9 & 10, Opera and Safari.

The website works with Internet Explorer 8 although some aesthetic aspects are limited. 

The website does not support and has not been tested on Internet Explorer 5, 6 or 7.

Web Pages may not display properly if you use an older Browser.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 5, 6 or 7 you might consider upgrading to one of the modern web browsers that are available.

The Bush Explorers are 3 active Bushwalkers who are recording their discoveries and adventures in rarely visited parts of the Australian Bush.

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