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Gardens of Stone Books 6 is almost here


Bushwalkers and authors, Michael Keats and Brian Fox are proud to announce the impending release of Book 6 of the series of 9 Books on The Gardens of Stone National Park and beyond. The book will be released in early March.

Book 6 comprising 676 pages, A5 size, is a full colour, fully indexed work that includes exhaustive, richly illustrated information about the Flora and Fauna of the area based on the BioNet Atlas of NSW Wildlife.

34 walks take the reader/walker to places around Newnes Plateau that most only dream of. It documents a rich tapestry of experiences encapsulated in very personal text that takes you with these adventurous explorers all the way. The hundreds of colour photographs, many by invited professionals, round out a total experience.

Orders can be placed with your friendly Bushwalking Book Retailer or by contacting Michael using the Contact Form or by phoning 02 9144 2096.

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