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Ghost Trains DVD now available from Bush Explorers


Twelve months ago, bush explorer Michael joined veteran film maker Anthony (Tony) Buckley for two days of filming key sections of the alignment of the former Wolgan Valley Railway (WVR).

This historic footage has been integrated with live sound and image footage of Shay Locomotives in the USA, still pictures of the original Shay engines that once plied the WVR; key sidings, maintenance depots and other installations.

Tony is a skilled craftsman and the resulting video production joins two other examples of his work in this genre, The Savannahlander, and The Gulflander both narrated by Bill Peach. Both these videos are available from Anthony Buckley Films, PO Box 6019, West Gosford 2250.

The WVR is a key to much of the history of the Gardens of Stone National Park. In Book 7 of the 9 book series of the same name authors Brian Fox and Michael Keats include extensive original research on the railway; the mines that caused its construction; the Newnes Hotel that watered its thirsty workers; the telegraph Lines that connected this remote community to the outside world and more.

This new film is now available from Bush Explorers.

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