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Sample Walks from the Gardens of Stone series now available


The Bush Explorers have been busy behind the scenes to bring you a sample walk from each of the 3 books in the Gardens of Stones series that have been published so far.

From Book 1 we have Walk 1.7: McLeans Pass And Further East. This fascinating walk takes you from McLeans Pass to Hughes Defile and back. Along the way you explore Blue Rock Gap, The Pondage and the stunning pagodas at Point Cameron.

Walk 2.2: Mount Dawson and the Gindantherie Pinnacle from Book 2 takes you from Newnes up onto the Wolgan-Capertee Divide where you will marvel at the incredible Gindantherie Pinnacle, wonderful pagodas, slots, impressive cliff lines and of course, great views.

Come and explore Rock Island with us. Walk 3.17: Rock Island winds through the beautiful ravines and creeks that have created the 'Island'.  See the wonderful rain forests growing in the ravines and wonder at the unusual stalagmite that has formed in a sheltered overhang.


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