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Orange Blossom Orchid

Above Penrose Gully

The Gardens of Stone

Book 2

By Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Keats Holdings Pty Ltd

Released: August 2012

Pages: 492

Price: $58

Free Delivery - Australia Wide


This book redefines the genre of bushwalking books. In Book 1, the authors enabled the reader to understand the complex and beautiful geology and geomorphology of this unique area in the Greater Blue Mountains National Park. In Book 2, we are given an insight into the climate, and an appreciation of the extremes of heat and cold, wet and dry, raging wildfires and catastrophic floods, which have shaped this amazing terrain.

Twenty eight day and multi-day walks, based on Newnes and the Wolgan-Capertee Divide, range from the easy traditional, such as The Pipeline Track, to the novel and challenging like Minotaur Lair and Penrose Gully South.

If you can not make the walks, then this book provides virtual journeys, where from a chair on the verandah of the former Newnes Hotel, or in one of the Newnes Holiday Cottages, you can be transported to the cliff tops via the climbs and canyons.

To ensure top quality photographs, and there is one at least on every double page spread, pictures have been selected from the portfolios of invited photographers. In every case, the photographer and his or her work have been personally recognised.

There are six more books to come in this series, and space for a full set, about one of the most desirable places to visit and enjoy in NSW, is mandatory.