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Huge columns on Donkey Mountain

Styphelia tubiflora

The Gardens of Stone

Book 3

By Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Keats Holdings Pty Ltd

Released: April 2013

Pages: 445

Price: $58

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Magic kingdoms tend to exist in the minds of dreamers, yet in the Wolgan Valley, less than three hours easy drive from Sydney is a real magic kingdom with more wonders than a spread of Disney movies. It is a part of the Gardens of Stone National Park. It is a place called Donkey Mountain.

In this magic kingdom you can lose yourself in ‘rooms’ created by nature, climb spires that reach the sky and explore deep crevasses where daylight rarely pays a call. You do need a better than average level of fitness and a preparedness to climb 300m in an equivalent ground distance.

“The Gardens of Stone and beyond”, Book 3 is your guide to this wonderland, giving you detailed maps and track notes to help you enjoy the best of your experience. If the climb is beyond your capability, then this book is your virtual companion. It will lead you up to the top of the mountain and then into a series of experiences that includes the most confined spaces where you marvel at the glories of nature on display or frolic with the eagles where the vistas never end.

The Gardens of Stone National Park is arguably one of the least visited national park in NSW, yet it contains some of the most sculpturally magnificent natural wonders in the whole country.

After you have descended from the heavenly kingdom of Donkey Mountain, we offer you even more magical experiences as Brian and I take you exploring the cliffs along Carne Creek. The treasure trove is never exhausted and you will want to return many times.