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CKEditor Samples » Producing HTML Compliant Output

This sample is not maintained anymore. Check out the brand new samples in CKEditor SDK.

This sample shows how to configure CKEditor to output valid HTML 4.01 code. Traditional HTML elements like <b>, <i>, and <font> are used in place of <strong>, <em>, and CSS styles.

To add a CKEditor instance outputting legacy HTML 4.01 code, load the editor using a standard JavaScript call, and define CKEditor features to use the HTML compliant elements and attributes.

A snippet of the configuration code can be seen below; check the source of this page for full definition:

CKEDITOR.replace( 'textarea_id', {
	coreStyles_bold: { element: 'b' },
	coreStyles_italic: { element: 'i' },

	fontSize_style: {
		element: 'font',
		attributes: { 'size': '#(size)' }


Airly Turret