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Blackfellows Hand Rock *

Also known as Mayinygu Marragu also spelt as Maiyingu Marragu, is a spectacular rock wall and overhang located about 1km south, south east of Wolgan Gap. It is a significant Aboriginal stencil art site. The State Government Gazette, 18th July 2008, p. 7252 describes the land County Cook, Parish Cox, about 491 hectares, being Crown Reserve R 42350 for public Recreation. Notified 15th January 1908, excluding that part of Ben Bullen State Forest dedicated over the Crown Reserve and the Council Public road within the Crown Reserve. NPWS/07/12315. Blackfellows Hand Shelter and Complex was declared an Aboriginal Place, 8th November 2008. This grants it additional protection under the NPWS Act and assures the Wiradjuri people an ongoing link with their cultural heritage. Ref: Connections. The Wiradjuri name for the site is Mayinygu Marragu, various spellings, source Mingann Aboriginal Corp, Lithgow. Correspondence, 3rd February 2012: Helen Riley, widow of the late Mugii Murum-ban. Later reference 25th July 2016, Mingann confirmed the spelling as Maiyingu. An article in The Lithgow Mercury, 1907, records, in the vicinity of Wolgan Gap, “is a commodious arched rock shelter, which is liberally endowed with quaint designs of Aboriginal skill in the way of hands, feet and boomerangs that appear in the rock faces.” The Survey Plan C2323-1507, dated 13th February 1914, shows, ‘Cave with Aboriginal Markings.’ A detailed notice board was erected March 2016 on the approach road Blackfellows Hand Trail.

Ref: Lithgow Mercury 13 December 1907, p. 3 "Local residents, particularly Mr. R. H. Bulkelry, are agitating that a Government reserve, to include the Gap and rock shelters, be made."

Ref: Lithgow Mercury 14th June 1918.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 317 092
Related Names:
  • GOS5.21: Long Swamp
  • GOS5.23: Blackfellows Hand Rock
  • GOS5.24: Lambs and Kangaroo Creeks ridge line
 - Blackfellows Hand Rock

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