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East Creek Galleries
Located within two side tributaries of East Creek, 2.2 km west of Cockatoo Hill in Newnes State Forest/Gardens of Stone SCA. On the eastern side of East Creek, the Galleries are within a small Fern-filled tributary, surrounded by cliffs up to 30 m high; in the northern cliff line, there is a sequence of connected dry overhangs over 100 m in length. On the western side of East Creek, the Galleries are located in a small enclosed gully about 150 m in length and 50 m wide, covered with Tree Ferns; the back cliff line contains a magnificent overhang. Named by Michael Keats, Brian Fox and Yuri Bolotin on a bushwalk, 18 May 2015. Cullen Bullen topographic map, Eastern side, GR 425 064; western side, GR 423 065.
  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 426 064
Newnes State Forest
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 - East Creek Galleries

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