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Maddox Line

Thomas Maddox opened up a stock route from Cullen Bullen to Bells Line of Road in 1870. His stock route was shorter and avoided the toll at Blackmans Flat. This line of road traversed up the spur line on the eastern side of Cullen Bullen (known as Maddoxs Pinch) along Ben Bullen Range and north east of the Great Dividing Range to Gardiners Gap. From Gardiners Gap the line followed Long Swamp Road south along the Wolgan Road and joined Angus Place Trail where the present Angus Place Mine is located. This route then joined the Beecroft Firetrail to the junction of the Blackfellows Hand Trail. From thence it followed a small section of the present Old Bells of Line Road, changed direction due south on the eastern side of the present motorcycle club at Happy Springs and looped around to the east before once again joining the Old Bells Line of Road. (Note: A section between Bungleboori and Happy Springs, from which the present road deviates, was the source of the water supply for the stock at Paddys Swamp and the sawmill site). Maddoxs Line then traversed south east through the present sand mining area, went north of the Main Western Railway loop and along the present road on the northern side of the railway line and joined Bells Line of Road about 1km west of Valley View Road, Dargan.

Ref: Map showing the various attempts to find the best route from Mt Victoria to the Western Country by Alex Wilson, 1914. On Maddox Line is also the notation, “Route suggested by delegates of Richmond Committee for Road Mudgee to Wellington Valley”. Also text, “Stock route Cullen Bullen to Bells Line opened by Thomas Maddox. ”

Survey Plan C513A.1507, dated 25th December 1875, with wording, "Maddoxs Line of Road for Travelling Stock.” County of Cook, Parish of Marrangaroo, 2nd edition, 1889. Spelt as (sic) Maddock’s Line.

Thomas Maddox had purchased 30ac on the Coxs River at Lidsdale in 1853. Ref: Survey Plan C38-1507. Maddox Lane in Lidsdale carries the family name.

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