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Poseidon Arena

Is a north south trending ridge complex on the south side of Moffitts Trail, between Hades Ridge on the east and Zeus Ridge on the west. The central ridge is Poseidon Ridge. Named by Michael Keats on a Bush Club walk, 16th April 2010. Poseidon was a Greek god of the sea. One of the unusual pagoda formations resembles a Sea Horse, GR 228 187. Near the Sea Horse, there is The Bath of Aphrodite, an almost perfectly circular structure with an elevated rim of ironstone. The Wings of Icarus, delicate, double curved parallel sheets of ironstone, are at GR 229 183. Phoenix Rising is a very delicate formation perched on the edge of the cliff. Other names given to features on this ridge are Hannibals Elephant, a weathered rock formation resembling a dead elephant lying upside down with all four feet in the air, the Walls ofJerusalem, Footprint of the Minotaur,Thors Watch GR 281 122, Toe of Zeus GR 282 186, Orpheus and Eurydice Pagodas GR 289190, Chariot Rock GR 290 188 and Mercurys Boot GR 290 187.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 285 190 to 285 180
Ben Bullen State Forest
  • GOS1.16: Rowans Hole and more
  • GOS1.17: Poseidon Area
  • GOS1.18: Hades and the Underworld
  • GOS5.03: Sisyphean Ridge
  • GOS5.04: Tara Slot
  • GOS5.06: Subsidence fractures, Ben Bullen State Forest
 - Poseidon Arena

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