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Stargate Tunnel

Is a short water worn canyon formed by the tilting of a large sandstone block creating a triangular tunnel over a shallow, sandy creek bed. The tunnel section is 21m long and it averages 7m in width. The height varies and is up to 10m. Located 100m south of McLeans Pass. Access from Lidsdale via Wolgan Road, The Bicentennial National Trail and ridge line (Great Dividing Range). A log book in an old biscuit tin records that this cave is regularly visited. The very first entry, dated Sunday 17th August 1975, reads, "Gary named this Stargate Tunnel. We stayed overnight and watched sunset from the cliffs overlooking Capertee Valley. And then we got up at 6:30 to watch the sunrise. Very cold but we consider it was worthwhile. John and Martin came too and we sprang around like callow youths.Terry Moesker." The four bush walkers were Gary Hansen (1943-1982), John Cameron, Terry and Martin Moesker.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 305 188
Wolgan State Forest
  • GOS1.07: McLeans Pass and further east
  • GOS1.20: Hecates Cauldron
  • GOS5.04: Tara Slot
 - Stargate Tunnel

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