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Tunnel 55

Tunnel 55 is located 1.7km due west of Angus Place below the cliff face on a projecting spur of land. Nature has eroded out a tunnel and circular platform that in turn features at its centre a huge boss which supports a massive semi isolated pagoda. Tunnel dimensions are 8m long, 4.5m wide and 3m high. Named by Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk 20th June 2016. The reason being that it is also the location of an exceptional example of the surveyor’s craft where three strokes symbolising the Broad Arrow with the number 55 below it have been executed in bas relief in sandstone. Research by Brian Fox confirms that the engraving related to the eastern boundary of Portion 55, Parish of Cox, County of Cook. The original Survey Plan C1376-1507, is dated 15th November 1886. The perfection of this assemblage of the surveyors mark and numbers after 145 years is breathtaking. To make the discovery even more significant the site also includes the original, hand built low rock wall or ‘Lock Spit’, which was part of the tradition of surveying at the time. Few examples of such work still remain undisturbed.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 317 060
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
 - Tunnel 55

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