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Undercliff Track

This track roughly follows underneath the top cliff line of Hassans Walls Reserve, from Hassans Glen to above the cliff line at Heffernans Pass. This track over time has been closed due to rock falls and neglect. The Lithgow Mercury, 5th May 1916, p. 6, records, “The Shire Engineer, Mr G. F. Allman….had surveyed the track under the cliffs at Hassan’s Walls for a length of 50 chains(one kilometre)…site of the new Undercliff track.” Graham Holbeach, records, “I have an association with Padleys Pass (the Undercliff Track) which was constructed between 1915 and 1920…..Jim Smith had come across a single photo labelled something like “The Undercliff Track at Hassans Walls.” I think this is the first he had heard of it. The two of us went to look for it. He figured it would probably be somewhere near the main lookout. From the look out, I spotted a benched track heading down a gully. Except where the track crossed coal mining induced landslides, it was easy to follow, as the area was very dry. We found four entry tracks including a magnificent buried set of cut stone steps, as well as caves, rock seats and a bush table and seat. Jim, the late Wilf Hilder and I overhauled the track system and completed the unfinished western section. I did the heavy work of creating the sections across the landslides using a sledgehammer and mattock. I took two sickies and camped beside the track to finish it by the 'deadline'…… He (Jim) …produced two maps plus a two page info sheet with time line for the reopening on 24/11/90 by the Lithgow mayor. We had over 100 attending”. Jim Smith also records that Bernie Wilkes was part of the team which helped restore the track. Ref: The Journal of the Sydney Speleological Society, Vol. 60; No. 7, July 2016; No. 725, p. 185.

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  • 354 883 to 349 889
Hassans Walls Reserve
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