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The Gardens of Stone

Book 4, Vol 1 and Vol 2

By Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Keats Holdings Pty Ltd

Released: September 2013

Pages: 932

Price: $93

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Book 4 is all about water, our water resources and the damage that has occurred and is still occurring to this most fundamental aspect of plant, animal and human survival in the GOS area.

This, the most ambitious book so far in the collection of 9 planned books, is 932 pages and includes a significant contributed paper by water quality expert, Dr Ian Wright as well as detailed notes about the status of the major river catchments in the area.

More than 40 walks are included that take you into some of the most beautiful terrain in the Greater Blue Mountains. The 800 plus, full colour photos will transport you into some threatened and yet seductive places and make you want to add these destinations to your ‘bucket’ list.

Book 4 is now published in 2 volumes: Volume 1 (469 pages) and Volume 2 (463 pages).