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Pink Spider Flower

The Gardens of Stone

Book 4, Vol 1 and Vol 2

By Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Keats Holdings Pty Ltd

Released: September 2013

Pages: 932

Price: $93

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Sample Walk

Walk 4.21 - Howling Arch, the Pool of Diana and the Pool of Aphrodite (1331 KB)

The walking Track Notes in the books published by Bush Explorers are not to be interpreted as implying the requirements necessary to successfully accomplish the walks described.

Some of the 'walks' include activities such as swimming, use of ropes, abseiling, canyoning, rock hopping and rock climbing with exposure.

Very few of the walks in these books are on a made track.

Having the skills and confidence to navigate through rough county where there are no or few landmarks is essential.