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Exploring a slot at Hecates Cauldron

Mt Airly in cloud

The Gardens of Stone

Book 1

By Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Keats Holdings Pty Ltd

Released: November 2011

Pages: 398

Price: $58

Free Delivery - Australia Wide

Book Reviews

The Sydney Bushwalker, February 2012

The immediate and overwhelming impression generated by this book is of the massive number of hours that have been expended by the authors (Michael Keats and Brian Fox, both established authors with a number of publications to their credit) in walking this magnificent country of rocky ridges, slots and Pagodas. Then you realise that this is "just" book number 1, and that there are seven to come! However, it quickly becomes obvious that this book is a labour of love, recording many pleasant days of wandering and exploring. The objective being to impart "the knowledge" to others, so that they too can experience these special places. Few of us are this altruistic, nor would we be able to craft the time and energy to go through the considerable research and publishing grindstone to bring such a project to fruition. Therefore, we who will enjoy the munificence of this bounty, should be duly appreciative of this marvellous present! Read More