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The Gardens of Stone

Book 5

By Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Keats Holdings Pty Ltd

Released: June 2014

Pages: 680

Price: $66

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Book 5 includes 22 walks in the spectacular Ben Bullen State Forest area, where yet another push is being made by rapacious coal mining companies to steal and destroy this iconic forest from the people of NSW. This forest is rich in bio diversity with more than 700 plant species identified, unique fauna and some of the finest World Heritage platy pagodas, a unique landform found nowhere else. Significant Aboriginal heritage is also at risk of destruction.

This book graphically and explicitly shows just how seriously irresponsible mining activity is challenging our NSW heritage and your recreation areas. We invite you to buy this book as it contains wonderful images which may be all that remains if vested coal interests override common sense and indeed our commonwealth.

This book also digs deep into the history of over 760 local place names in the Gardens of Stone National Park and surrounding areas plus 24 individual maps showing the majority of names not recorded on the topographical maps. These place names and the accompanying maps are indispensable tools for planning your walks in the Gardens of Stone and beyond.