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Ghost Town Of Newnes

Past And Present - An Illustrated Social History

By Brian Fox, Yuri Bolotin and Michael Keats OAM

Publisher: Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

Released: September 2022

Pages: 356

Price: $82

Free Delivery - Australia Wide


Out of the ashes and destruction brought to the ghost town of Newnes by the catastrophic bushfires of 2019 came a brilliant revelation - archaeological sites and items that had been hidden by vegetation and not seen for many generations. Amidst this devastation, three explorers assisted by their friends found an opportunity to document a treasure trove of relics. Over 350 archaeological features and sites were identified, recorded and photographed for this book.

These discoveries are supported with hundreds of historical photographs as well as maps and personal accounts to present a unique and stunning visual record of life in Newnes... over a century ago and in the present day.

Soft cover, large format (A4), with flaps, 356 pages.