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James Macarthur

The Untold Story of Naming Kosciuszko

By John Anderson

Publisher: John Anderson

Released: August 2021

Pages: 228

Price: $50

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This book is the story of the 1840 expedition to the Australian Alps, initiated by James Campbell Macarthur while seeking new pasture for his sheep, that culminated in Paul Edmund de Strzelecki, a gentleman from Poland, and ‘an enthusiast in the sciences of mineralogy and geology’ naming Australia’s highest mainland mountain – Kosciuszko.

The book follows their journey through colonial New South Wales outside the Governor’s approved settled districts into the Waste Lands occupied by squatters, convicts and the occasional innkeeper selling grog.

So who was James Macarthur? Included is a concise biography of the extraordinary roller-coaster life of this member of the top echelon of colonial society.

It is much more than the journey to, or the naming of Kosciuszko.

Klaus Hueneke AM, Historian, Photographer, Writer, Publisher

This book is, above all, a brilliant read, full of unforgettable characters and fascinating historical information – all richly illustrated by carefully chosen photographs and maps. It will inspire readers to experience this special place for themselves.

Yuri Bolotin, Explorer, Bushwalker, Environmentalist

A faithful labour of love that became an epic work. History I find fascinating, and even more so when research overturns accepted myths and the truth is revealed. ‘James Macarthur The Untold Story of Naming Kosciuszko’ is the result of 15 years of extremely thorough deskwork and diligent field research. It is a ‘must have’ work for every bushwalker and Snowy Mountains lover.

Michael Keats OAM, Bush Explorer, Author, Speaker