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Narrow Neck

Waterboard Ladders

Narrow Neck

Walks, Passes, People, Places

By Michael Keats OAM, Brian Fox and Yuri Bolotin

Publisher: Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

Released: April 2023

Pages: 284

Price: $50

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Narrow Neck is a spectacular landform, easily accessible from Katoomba, and the gateway to a great variety of Blue Mountains bushwalks.

This book is a definitive and comprehensive story of the region, expanding the sold-out 2008 version. It provides a deeper insight into Narrow Neck’s fascinating past, its scenic beauty, negotiating its many passes, and the pivotal role of the area in the development of bushwalking in NSW.

The book is for the lovers of the Blue Mountains, a tool to learn the early history of the region and an essential aid in the planning of any walks in and around the Narrow Neck.