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Yuri Anna and Stephen

Near Mount Whybrow

Wollemi National Park

The Complete East-West Traverse

By Yuri Bolotin, Michael Keats OAM and Brian Fox

Publisher: Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

Released: August 2020

Pages: 368

Price: $58

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The Wollemi, situated just a few hours’ drive from Sydney, is arguably the most inaccessible and least explored National Park in New South Wales. Its sheer size, challenging topography and its bio- and geodiversity are little short of amazing.

This book is about a true adventure of modern exploration, grit and determination as three explorers attempt to traverse the wild Wollemi from east to west. It is an opportunity for you, the reader, to experience with them the many hardships and delights of this journey as they happened. You may grip your armchair as you gaze down into an inky void when the ground disappears beneath your feet; sweat as you seek a way of route when each attempt ends in disappointment; or relax as you share a brief poetry reading by the fading embers of a campfire…

Then, after you have read the book, you might be inspired to plan an adventure of your own, using the meticulous track notes, maps, grid references and photographs contained within. Come on in, accept the challenge, and venture into the incomparable grandeur of the Wollemi with Yuri, Anna and Stephen…

A hundred years into the future, Yuri’s story will be another part of the historical record. What will people think about it? Will they chuckle about how bushwalkers did it back then? Will they set out in Yuri’s footsteps, in an attempt to relive his experiences? Or will they see it as a record of how the Wollemi was before humans wrought disaster on the planet’s ecosystems?

Andy Macqueen, OAM, the author of Wayfaring in Wollemi: Journeys of People in Wilderness