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Beecroft Firetrail

Is a NPWS signed track about 8km long. It commences in Masons Lane north of Lidsdale at GR 296 045 and tracks generally east to join the Blackfellows Hand Trail close to the headwaters of the Wolgan River, GR 358 026. Beecroft Firetrail was from 1876 a shortcut for drovers moving their cattle and sheep from Bell to Ben Bullen via Gardiners Gap. Ref: Brown, Jim. Bent Backs, 1989, pp. 275-276. Henry Beecroft (1852-1935) first held a Conditional Purchase, 29th January 1876, then in 20th February 1881, 69ac. Later purchased Portion 100, Parish of Lidsdale, 40ac in1903; Portion 101, 84ac in 1908. Ref: Survey Plan 936.1507 and Certificate of Title Vol. 1560, Fol. 154. The land was passed down jointly to his son, Norman Edley Searl Beecroft (1894-1982), and in 1937 to another son Joseph GeorgeBeecroft (1878-1953) and his wife Annie May Beecroft (1876-1962) who held it until 1954. Joseph George Beecroft also held two Conditional Purchases at Mount Cameron from 1903-1947. Ref: Survey Plan C2098 and 2099.1507.

  • Lithgow
Grid Reference:
  • 296 045 to 358 026
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
  • GOS5.26: Lambs Creek and Kangaroo Creek
 - Beecroft Firetrail

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