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Coco Creek *

Is a partly perennial stream rising on the Great Dividing Range about 3km east of Ben Bullen at Rowans Hole. It flows generally north and north east for about 25km into the Capertee River about 5km south south west of Glen Alice. Annabella Boswell's Journal, March 1839 records the name, Coco Creek. The name Coco or Cooks Creek is recorded in the County Land Sales, Sydney Morning Herald, 11th May 1858, p. 3. Early parish maps show the named creek as Cooks or Coco Creek as it was the boundary between the two Parishes, Coco and Cook. Ref: Parish of Coco, 1883. The Sydney Gazette on 25th February 1832 records Cocos Islands as an important trade and resupply stop for sailing vessels and the importance of coco-nuts. The importation of coconut oil in large quantities (over 50 tons) was for the following purpose: "in the making of gas for the purpose of illumination, such gas having been found much superior to the gases commonly in use". Ref: Wentworth, William Charles. A Statistical Account of the British Settlements in Australia, 1824, pp. 428-429. Whether this connection to this named feature is true, is yet to be confirmed. Or maybe the origins of the name Coco and Cook Creeks are linked as they are adjoining Parishes. Certainly, Captain James Cook records in his journal the importance of Coconuts as a lifesaving food source. Ref: Cook's journal, 29th July and 4th August 1770.

  • Ben Bullen and Glen Alice
Grid Reference:
  • 255 197 headwaters
  • 379 351 junction
Gardens of Stone National Park
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 - Coco Creek

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