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Dargans Creek *

Is a watercourse about 6.5km long. It rises 3km south west of Bald Trig Station and flows generally east then south into the River Lett. Wollangambe, Lithgow and Hartley Topo Maps,headwaters GR 445 918. Dargans Creek is recorded in the Sydney Morning Herald 15th January 1846, p. 3 in reference to a stock route through to the Mudgee Road at Jews Creek. Also shown on the Survey Plan C346.1507 dated 1866. Thomas Dargin (note various spellings), born in the Hawkesbury area in c1801, married John Howe's step daughter, Eliza Kennedy, in 1821 and later Howe's daughter Mary. He also owned three hotels in Windsor. In1819, Thomas was a member of John Howe's successful expedition to the Hunter region. Ref: Macqueen, Andy. Somewhat Perilous, 2004, p. 111. Dargan was a pioneer drover in the district. Ref: Morgan, MacLeod. A short history of the Wolgan Valley, 1959. RAHS Journal, Vol. 45, Pt. 2, p.90. "Thomas Dargon (sic), John Howe's son-in-law and fellow explorer, who had charge of its herd of cattle." Ref:Rolls, Eric. A Million Wild Acres, 1981, p. 77. This was in 1821. The Map of the Village of Newnes shows one of the unformed roads named Dargan Street. Thomas Dargan purchased 640ac, Portion 1, Parish of Hearne, 1836 and Portion 3, 640ac, 1839. Ref: Survey Plan B.305.691 and B.583.691. Note, one Survey Plan has both the spelling of Dargan and Dargin.

  • Wollangambe
  • Lithgow and Hartley
Grid Reference:
  • 445 918 headwaters
Related Names:
  • GOS7.16: Kangaroo Corner Creek
  • GOS7.17: Reedy Creek
 - Dargans Creek

Pantoneys Crown