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Dome of St Peters

Is an unusual pagoda 2.4km due south of the junction of Two Trees Road and Waratah Ridge Road. It contains an arch of fine proportions with the sunlight reflecting on a small, centrally disposed natural plinth within, like a flaming votive symbol, and secondly, when you enter the arch, it opens out as a great internal dome. Michael Keats and Brian Fox on a Bush Club walk, 21st May 2012, named this the Dome of St Peters, continuating the heavenly theme of features within this locality. The dimensions are: height 4m, width 6m and arch width 3m. The dome interior is larger, nearly 5m in diameter, as it extends beyond the arch.

  • Wollangambe
Grid Reference:
  • 452 990
Related Names:
  • GOS4.39: A day just outside Heaven
 - Dome of St Peters

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