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Donkey Steps

This pathway was on the eastern side of the present day Wolgan Road near Wolgan Gap; it was locally named the Donkey Steps. This area is currently used as access for the telephone line into the Wolgan Valley. The road down this steep section was surveyed on 3rd March 1866, but the present road down Wolgan Gap was found to be a better alternative. Ref: Road Plan R587.1603r. Referred to as the original access into the Wolgan, it was here that the first cattle were brought into the valley. Ref: Joe Bird, whose great, great grandfather lived and worked in the Wolgan Valley, oral account to Brian Fox, 17th June 2009. Also; Ref: Morgan, MacLeod. A short history of the Wolgan Valley, 1959. RAHS Journal, Vol. 45, Pt. 2,p. 93. Anything too large was lowered directly over the cliffs on rope. It was not until 1897 that the present Wolgan Road was constructed. Ref: Wolgan Valley Homestead Complex - Conservation Management Plan, prepared by Conybeare Morrison International, 2006. The Survey Plan C2323-1507 shows "permanent spring" near the top of the Donkey Steps.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 313 099 top
  • 313 099 bottom
Wolgan State Forest
Related Names:
  • GOS5.12: Wolgan Gap Trig
  • GOS5.13: Wolgan Gap cliff line
 - Donkey Steps

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