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Glen Day Defile

Is located on one of the western tributaries of Glen Day Gully. 2km south, south west of Newnes. Midway along the gully when descending you enter a shallow constriction, which quickly became deeper and deeper. In a few more minutes, after carefully negotiating a 2.5 m drop, you enter a small, very pretty dry canyon, with deeply eroded walls, only about half a metre apart, covered in green moss. A couple of metres later, the walls, now over 20m high, open up to a magnificent overhang on the right hand side, some 30m long and 6-7m deep. Here, the ‘room’ was sufficient to accommodate several Coachwood and Sassafras trees. The canyon continued until the second overhang, of equal size to the first one, was reached. The constriction is about 250m long. Named by Yuri Bolotin and Brian Fox and on a bushwalk of 27 September 2019.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 402 253 to 404 253
Wollemi National Park
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