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Glen Davis *

Is a village about 38km east of Capertee on the Capertee River. Situated on Portions 1 and 2 and on part of Portion 3, Parish of Gindantherie, County of Cook. Land District of Lithgow. An area of 198ac (80ha) was resumed for the Town of Glen Davis and about 294ac (119ha) was also resumed for town extension purposes under the Glen Davis Act No. 38, 1939, which came into force via proclamation in the Government Gazette, dated 15th December 1939. Acquisition of land, Government Gazette 32 of 23rd February 1940. Named after Sir George Francis Davis (1883-1947). The Federal Government's Senator A J McLachlan persuaded George and Chris Davis to form a subsidiary of Davis Gelatine - National Oil Pty Ltd in 1937. George gave up most of his other business activities to lead this new enterprise.The new industrial complex in the Capertee Valley was named Glen Davis after him. Ref: Australian Dictionary of Biography - Online Edition.

Note: Originally this location was known as Newnes North (Newnes South was at the present location of Newnes). Plan of Portion ML 12, dated 30th May 1908 shows Newnes North with significant buildings and tunnels into the shale mines. Lithgow Mercury 1st March 1907, p. 8, records the bridle path linking Newnes North to Newnes South.

  • Mount Morgan and Gospers Mountain
Grid Reference:
  • 464 314
Related Names:
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 - Glen Davis

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