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Goochs Crater *

Is a natural amphitheatre located on a tributary of Wollangambe River 7.5km north east of ClarenceTrig Station and 6km north west of Wollangambe Crater in the locality of Newnes Plateau. It is a unique, crater like swamp feature, ringed by deeply under cut pagodas, roughly oval in shape, approximately 105m long by 65m wide at the northern end, narrowing to approximately 35m at the southern end. The northern end slopes steeply and evenly to the ridge top above the crater. The sides are formed by the vertical walls of deeply under cut pagodas varying from 20 to 30m high. The southern end is formed by what appears to be the remains of a collapsed pagoda. The swamp itself has typical sedge vegetation and associated plant communities. Named in memory of Nicholas Andrew Gooch (28.3.1947 -18.7.2003), who originally discovered this feature in 1978. The name has become widely known by the bushwalking fraternity Australia wide. Ref: Rae Gooch and Springwood Bushwalking Club members.

  • Wollangambe
Grid Reference:
  • 460 949
Blue Mountains National Park
Related Names:
 - Goochs Crater

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