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Impossible Cave

Yuri Bolotin’s description of the challenge of reaching the Impossible Cave is worthy of repeating, “Idecided we should all climb up the rock face and have a look, as that would be about the right height to access Geoff’s Impossible Cave on Donkey Mountain. A sharp but straight forward scramble brought us to the ledge above, which continued around a protruding cliff face and into another, very steep gully. This gully contains a big cave-like space of probably 20m on all sides. A little bit further up it turns into a very tight canyon slot. Ev managed to squeeze through and climb some distance in it but was stopped by sheer cliffs. We concluded that this large space is in fact the Impossible Cave”. Geoff Fox started to use this name to describe the cave in 2010. (Personal communication with Geoff Fox 24th May 2018).

  • Ben Bullen
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  • 380 185
Gardens of Stone
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