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Inca Pathway

David Warren Noble added this name on his map of the area. A Bush Club walk on the 19th May 2012 to this location resulted in a much more extensive find and research results. The Newnes Investigation Committee had employed surveyor Reginald Henry Pocock, who in 1933 compiled contour surveys for works and township sites (future Glen Davis) and also trial lines for a railway and/or aerial ropeway from Newnes to Glen Davis, if required. Pocock also recorded that the survey party used a cave to sleep in, to avoid the steep walking daily to and from camp. Ref: Pocock, R. H. Every Day a Picnic. A Surveyors Story. Reproduced within Stateworks, January / February 1987, pp. 28-32. Extensive dry stonewalling extends from this cave for about 300m in a generally northerly direction.

  • Mount Morgan
Grid Reference:
  • 459 292
Wollemi National Park
Related Names:
 - Inca Pathway

Dry Canyon in the Gardens of Stone