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Kenobi Canyon

Is located underneath the Wolgan Valley’s top cliff line, 1.3km east of the propertyKoopartoo. The canyon entrance is a huge, diamond shaped slot of grey and brown sandstone, devoid of any vegetation, some 40m high and 10m wide at the cliff line. It has two chambers. The first quickly tapers into a narrow passage, with a large boulder obstructing the view. The second chamber also has a chock stone blocking the gap but once through the constriction, the canyon suddenly opens into a hall of grand proportions. Craig Flynn found the canyon in May 2016, whilst exploring in this area with his friends, by abseiling in it from the top. He named it Kenobi Canyon for the legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, a character from the Star Wars movies.

  • Ben Bullen
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  • 430 210
Wollemi National Park
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