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King Georges Head

Is a prominent rocky pinnacle that can be seen from the Great Western Highway and that resembles the features of a human head. Located south of Padleys Pedestal Trig Station within Hassans Walls Reserve, Lithgow. Louisa Anne Meredith on a journey to Bathurst in 1839 described the rock formation as, Duke of Wellington. Ref: Notes and Sketches of NSW, 1844, p. 79. Charles Godfrey Mundy in 1846 described it as,The Dukes Head. Ref: Our Antipodes, 1852. The Illustrated Sydney News 7th February 1889, p. 8, records, “a curious isolated rock, called ‘King George’s Head,’ from its outline supposed to resemble that of the face of the English Monarch.” Also called Iron Dukes Head. Ref: Lithgow Mercury 26th May 1903, p. 1.St. Georges Head. Ref: Lithgow Mercury, 26th August 1935, p. 6.

  • Hartley
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  • 354 878
Hassans Walls Reserve
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