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Lambs Half-way House

Referred to a house for lodging and meals located between Lidsdale and Newnes. James Hart and Daniel O'Halloran got drunk at the Stammers (Newnes) Hotel and after an argument walked about a quarter of a mile from the pub and had a fight. Hart ended up kicking O'Halloran so severely that he was taken to Lithgow Hospital where he later died. 

The police found and arrested Hart at the Lamb’s Halfway House in the Wolgan Valley. Ref: Lithgow Mercury (NSW) 28 October 1907, p. 2. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 October 1907, p. 5, col. 5. Further confirmation of the existence of the ‘halfway’ house is contained in another story published in local papers, Ref: Lithgow Mercury (NSW) 24 February 1908, p. 1. Mudgee and the Guardian 12 March 1908, p. 22.

  • Ben Bullen
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