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Lurline Jack Lookout

Is positioned on top of 50m cliff line and pagoda located at the western end of Firetrail No. 2 via Glowworm Tunnel Road. It has views overlooking Carne Creek to the west and Camp Creek to the east. AJ Jack placed a plaque at this location in 2002,"In loving Memory of Lurlene Jack 22/4/28 - 5/9/67" His mother had died aged 39, when AJ (christened Anthony Neil Jack) was only two years old. Lookout named by Karen McLaughlin and shown in her pamphlet, Short walks on the Newnes Plateau compiled for the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, June 2009. In research by Brian Fox and correspondence to AJ Jack, it was found that his mother's name was correctly spelt as Lurline.

When AJ Jack placed the plaque on this rock he also wrote the following poem.


I woke one day and you were gone

I cried but you could offer no comfort

Your ashes were cast to the winds

No plaque No stone

Just fleeting infant memories to show your time on earth.

But now a lone rock on a bare hill will carry your name

A simple reminder that you were here

And among the towering sentinels of sandstone

I can focus my thoughts on remembrance

And I can finally say goodbye.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 425 072
Newnes State Forest
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 - Lurline Jack Lookout

Dry Canyon in the Gardens of Stone