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Matisse Caves

Are three overhangs, located just below on the south west side of Mount Tricky and 1.9km near due north of the old Newnes Hotel. Named by Yuri Bolotin on a Bush Club walk on 28 August 2017 after the French artist Henry Matisse and his famous paper cut outs, and also in sympathy with Faberge Caves, located about 500m to the east. Yuri recorded,“A medium size overhang, about 15m long by 5m high…Within it, there are multitudes of thin layers of protruding, deeply veined and eroded sandstone, brown, pink, white, orange and grey, carved by nature into hundreds of the most incredible delicate cutout shapes .. The majority of the figures are angular and jagged, and some are organic and soft, all wonderfully juxtaposed against each other It is a visual carnival of shapes, lines and colours.”

  • Ben Bullen
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  • 420 273
Wollemi National Park
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