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McLeans Pass *

Also see Mount McLean. A pass leading out of Wolgan Valley up to Mount McLean. McLeans Pass divides the watersheds of Barton Creek on the east flowing into the Wolgan Valley from Crown Creek on the north flowing into the Capertee Valley. Walking access is via Baal Bone Gap. Shown on the map Parish of Ben Bullen, 1885. John McLean (1790-1876), born in Lynedale, Isle of Skye, Scotland, married Marion (1807-1889) in 1825. John, Marion and daughter Marion, sons George, Alexander and Donald and their nurse Marionne Stewart arrived in Sydney on the 12th December 1837. They proceeded to the Capertee Valley, where he took over John McLean's (his brother in law) property known as  Warrangee. The McLeans had 6 daughters and 6 sons. Ref: Coxon, Betty. Not Lost but Gone Before. A Family History of the McLeans of Capertee, 1999. The SMH, 15th April 1845, p. 3, records John McLean's 300ac property Warrangee. On the death of James Walker of Wallerawang, John McLean leased his property called Wolgan and purchased all the stock thereon. John McLean cut a pass through the  mountains which separated the Capertee and Wolgan Valleys, hence giving an access to both his properties. At one stage, the McLeans via freehold or lease were the major landowners in the region and John became the undisputed "Lord of Capertee". Ref: Palmer, Freda and Scurrah, F L. Tour of Rylstone and Capertee Valleys, 1969, Pt: 2, pp. 4-7. This "cut" pass, referred to above, is most likely Hughes Defile and is located on the Ben Bullen Topo Map, GR 326 210.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 304 189
Ben Bullen and Wolgan State Forest boundary
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 - McLeans Pass

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