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Mothers Arms Pagodas
Are located on the eastern escarpment of Genowlan Mountain near Genowlan Point. Mothers Arms is a descriptive term for these encircling and dramatic pagodas. Named by Dr Haydn Washington, November 1984. Haydn wrote, “We found Mothers Arms on a walk from the north seeking a way up onto Genowlan from the Capertee as someone had told us you can get up right at the point. You cannot so we walked around to the left and found the split that eventually leads to Mothers Arms. It was a difficult scramble at one point and one of our party was quite exhausted. When we came on the water at Mothers Arms it was thus a boon, nested in amongst the surrounding pagodas, a child of life in amongst the pagoda mother’s arms. Hence the name for those pagodas.” Ref: Personal correspondence from Dr Haydn Washington, 24 December 2017.
  • Glen Alice
Grid Reference:
  • 268 345
Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area
Related Names:
  • GOS1.24: Genowlan Canyon, Mothers Arms and the Dragons Mouth

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