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Mount Budgary Plateau

Encompasses the area surrounding Mount Budgary and enclosed by Rocky Creek and Budgary Creeks. The name has been coined by Michael Keats on 5th August 2009 when describing the walking passes he named after Moths in this area. A hut known as Budgary Hut, possibly an itinerant's, used to be located on the south east side of Mount Budgary. The name Budgary first appears on the Parish Map, 1890.The name is a corruption of the word, "buggery" and would have been a description of the terrain, being an absolute "bugger". John Norris and two brothers, Alan May and Russell (Russ) Alfred May (1926-2010), walked this area in the late 1940s. They referred to the names Buggery Creek and Mount Buggery. Mount Norris is named after John. Ref: Correspondence with David Warren Noble,14th October 2009.

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 473 106 central point
Wollemi National Park
Related Names:

Airly Turret