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Murdocks Creek *

Is a non perennial creek rising on the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range 2km north east of Ben Bullen. It flows generally north for about 6km into Watch House Creek. The headwaters of Murdocks Creek are 2km south east of Rowans Hole. Rowans Hole was named after Walter Rowan, who in 1875 took out three Conditional Leases. When he died in 1882, the leases were transferred to his wife, Sarah. Walter had married Sarah Murdock in 1863, she died in 1879. Ref: NSW BDMs and Conditional Purchases Register Book, State Records, Kingswood.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 236 220 headwaters
  • 231 262 junction
Gardens of Stone National Park
Related Names:
  • GOS1.14: Rowans Hole West to East
  • GOS1.15: Murdocks Trail to Baal Bone Point via Coco Creek
  • GOS5.01: North and west of Murdocks Creek
  • GOS5.02: Gaudis Walls 
 - Murdocks Creek

Dry Canyon in the Gardens of Stone