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Murrays Swamp

Is located in the vicinity of Red Hill Road and Glowworm Tunnel Road. Part of the headwaters is between the Glowworm Tunnel Road and Camp Road. Murrays Swamp is shown on map Parish of Cook; County of Cook, 1st edition, 1883. "From Summit, (The Summit Loop elevation 3,960 feet on the Wolgan Valley Railway), the line began to descend an almost continuous grade of 1 in 50, over sharp curves, to 12miles to 20 chains, where Murrays Swamp was crossed on a timber culvert. Ref: Eardley, G H. and Stephens, E M. The Shale Railways of NSW, 1974, p. 128. The Summit referred to above is the present day Cockatoo Hill Trig Station, 12 miles or 19.3km from Newnes Junction. A sawmill in this vicinity was used for cutting the bulk of the timber sleepers for the construction of the railway to Newnes. Mill mountings and foundations can still be identified. Edward (Ned) Murray (1791-1862) was an assigned convict to James Walker and he completed his sentence on Walker's Wolgan Valley outstation (now part of the Emirates owned Wolgan Valley Resort). Following his pardon in 1843, he and his wife Rosannah (Rosa) continued to live there in Walker's employ until he purchased his firs t30ac in 1853 at the head of the Coxs River. Ref: Survey Plan C14.1507. Survey Plan C117.1507 and 210.1507, dated 1863, records 40ac of land on Kangaroo Creek, Parish of Cox in Rosa Murray's name. Samuel Murray (his grandson) purchased 32ac on the 10th September 1857 and the adjoining 40ac on the 8th December 1881. Parish of Cox; County of Cook. Survey Plan 124 and 1157.1507 and CP120-81. The Lithgow Mercury, 5th April 1907, recorded, "At Murray's Creek, two or three miles further out, we passed stacks of sleepers and waste timber, the product of the sawmills that worked there."

  • Lithgow
Grid Reference:
  • 430 030
Newnes State Forest
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 - Murrays Swamp

Airly Forest