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Pool of Diana

This pool and overhang / canopy is about 40m in diameter. The pool itself is about 30m across and at least 2m deep. The height of the roof above the water surface is approximately 12m. Nearly two thirds of the pool area is under the rock canopy. The uncovered part of the pool is wedge shaped, with the apex dominated by the discharge point of the waterfall. Located 2.5km south east of Cockatoo Hill on a side tributary on the southern side of Dingo Creek. Michael Keats saw this pool on a Bush Club walk, 28th April 2010; named by Yuri Bolotin on a Bush Club walk, 27 July 2012.

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 468 049
Newnes State Forest
Related Names:
  • GOS4.21: Howling Arch, the Pool of Diana and the Pool of Aphrodite
  • GOS4.22: Thorpes Folly via the Hair of the Dog Ravine
 - Pool of Diana

Airly Turret