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Tarpeian Rock *

Is a high and projecting isolated rock, 4.5km east of Ben Bullen and 1.1km south east of Rowans Hole. This name may have been derived from John Savery Rodd (1806-1870), who was one of the earliest land holders in the Capertee Valley; he purchased 640ac near Glen Alice in 1830. His Sydney residence at Potts Point was called Tarpeian. Ref: Palmer, Freda and Scurrah, F L. Tour of Rylstone and Capertee Valleys,1969, Pt: 2, p. 10. The name Tarpeian is associated with Tarpeian Rock; Capitoline Hill, Rome, Italy. Shown on the Parish Map of Ben Bullen, 1885. That aside, there is a similarity between the vertical faces of both the Tarpeian Rock in Rome and the Tarpeian Rock above Rowans Hole.

  • Ben Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 269 196
Gardens of Stone National Park
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 - Tarpeian Rock

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