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William Mylecharane (1832-1917) licensed surveyor, in 1892 recorded the Aboriginal name for River Lett at Hartley as, Tarrapalat. An 1913 article has the spelling as, Tarapalet. The 1892 definition implies that the whole of the River Lett was called Tarrapalat while the 1913 article restricts this placename to a smaller section of the river at Hartley, about 2 km upstream of the River Letts junction with the Cox River.

Gundungurra language authority Jim Barrett believes that  the appropriate spelling of Therabulat would be, Dhurrabulat, which meanstwo rivers. He concluded that the two rivers referred to would be Coxs River and River Lett, and that the name properly applied to the Coxs River at, and locally below, the junction.

Ref: Smith, Jim. Does the Cox River have an Aboriginal name? Blue Mountains Historical Society, Hobby’s Outreach Vol. 28; No. 3, June – July 2016.

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 12th December 1896, p. 1250, col. 4 records…..”the name Therabulat….according to Mr. James Neale, was corrupted by the whites to “The River Lett” and as such applied to a tributary of the Cox at Hartley”.

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