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The Arch

Accessis via Waratah Ridge Road and then by walking from the National Park barrier in a general easterly direction for 6.5km to the top of Arch Canyon. The arch, located about 100m above the junction of Arch Creek with the Bungleboori Creek, is massive and uniquely positioned parallel to Arch Creek. It has not been formed by water erosion but by internal block collapse. Behind The Arch is a perfectly rectangular void, making it a singular structure with well defined, almost geometric lines. The Arch is 30m from the top of the arch to the ground beneath, the opening is 15m wide; the almost level top is 1.5m wide while the connecting span of the bridge is 2.5m thick.

  • Wollangambe
Grid Reference:
  • 526 011.
Blue Mountains National Park
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 - The Arch

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