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Ben Bullen SF

Devils Throat

The Gardens of Stone

Book 9

By Michael Keats OAM, Brian Fox and Yuri Bolotin

Publisher: Design Portfolio Pty Ltd

Released: November 2023

Pages: 668

Price: $66

Free Delivery - Australia Wide


We love all our books, but this is our favourite in the series. It features thirty exceptional bushwalks across the entire Gardens of Stone area completed since the Books 1 to 8 were published, the summary of the political campaigns for the area, and additional place names.

Whether you are a dedicated boots - and - all adventurer or an aspiring armchair explorer, these pages will lead you on journeys rarely travelled. Don your boots (or the bedroom slippers) and come with us to discover an exciting world of pagodas, slots, canyons and spectacular views in the Gardens of Stone National Park and adjoining areas.

With over 3200 bushwalks behind us, we will take you on adventure after adventure, exploring hidden gems in one of the more exotic parts of the Greater Blue Mountains UNESCO World Heritage Area -the Gardens of Stone National Park and beyond.

It is not just the bushwalking that sets this region apart but the amazing and unique geology, history, flora and remote wild places.

Are you ready?
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