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Corn Paddock

The property known as the Corn Paddock, derives its name from land use on the rich alluvial flats below the confluence of Barton and Carne Creeks on Portion 12, Parish of Wolgan, County of Cook. During the Newnes industrial period most of the vegetables for the townsfolk of Newnes were grown here. Reputedly corn, the dominant crop was grown to feed the working horses. The Corn Paddock homestead and buildings are located on the higher western part of the surveyed portion. SMH 16th May 1932, p. 10 records, road repaired to the spot known as the corn paddocks. Edwin Penrose was the first owner of this portion in 1869. (Survey Plan C387.1507) . Originally known as Penrose's Corn Paddock. Winchester, F, 1982; Wolgan Valley, cited in Lithgow District Historical Society's Occasional Paper. No. 51, p. 3.

  • Ben Bullen
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  • 400 202
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