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Deanes Siding *

Is now a locality about 4km north of the junction of Glowworm Tunnel Road and Galah Mountain Road. When the Wolgan Valley Railway was operating, Deanes Siding was an important stop for adding additional locomotive power to enable trains to haul products out of Newnes. Deanes Siding was named after Henry Deane, consulting railway engineer to the Commonwealth Oil Corporation, by Donald Alexander Sutherland, Consulting Engineer and General Manager of The Commonwealth Oil Corporation Ltd, in 1906. Ref: Deane, Henry. The Wolgan Valley Railway - Its Construction, 1910, reproduced by the Australian Railway Historical Society, 1979. It was at Deanes Siding that the Wolgan Valley Railway gradient dropped as it neared the Wolgan Valley. Henry Deane (1847-1924), Engineer-in-Chief of NSW Railways, was a keen photographer and botanist. Eucalypt deanei, located in the Blue Mountains, is named after him, as well as Boronia deanei, which is found on the Newnes Plateau.

  • Cullen Bullen
Grid Reference:
  • 426 136
Wollemi National Park
  • GOS3.11: Carne Creek Cliffs, The Gurgler, Shunt Track, Shunt Pass, The Governor and Michaels Chair
  • GOS3.20: Unnamed tributary of Deanes Creek
 - Deanes Siding

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