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Deep Pass Canyon

Is a descriptive name, being "deep" in terms of the surrounding area and also being a narrow gorge dividing two creek systems. Two brothers, Alan and Russell May, and John Norris built a hut at Deep Pass in the late 1940s. The hut has since been destroyed. The chimney foundations can still be identified. The trio may have had some sort of lease in the area. Ref: Correspondence with David Warren Noble, 14th October 2009. See also Mount Norris. Oral history from Ken Poppett, 24th February 2012, as he recalls, "One hut was built / owned by Morris Reginald Hayden (1929-1997), a timber cutter. Later,"bikies"reportedly extended the hut and added a large structure they called a hall. Later again, the whole thing was removed by the NPWS."

  • Rock Hill
Grid Reference:
  • 495 075 entry
  • 495 070 exit
Related Names:

Pagoda Rock Formations